DevOps BootCamp

DevOps BootCamp (DOBC) is a free course hosted by the OSU Open Source Lab. The course is dedicated to teaching core software development and systems operation skills to passionate OSU students and community members.

DOBC is always 100% free for in-person and online students.

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DevOps BootCamp: Fall 2018

DevOps BootCamp is a single-day event with one track to help attendees kick off the year with fundamentals of system administration and software development. The hands-on workshop is designed to teach participants DevOps, a program development process that includes building, testing, and releasing software.

Please register if you’re planning on attending BootCamp this fall.

DevOps Open Office Labs

Following the Fall Kickoff, we will be hosting bi-weekly open office labs in Milne 224 in two hour blocks. These labs initially will be structured around the content on the website but will aim to be mostly hands on. OSL students and staff will be on-site to help you work through the content. Content discussed at each lab will depend on the attendees interest. We will also be opening up our Milne server room for students to learn and interact with actual hardware.

Some interesting topics we may end up discussing include (expanded on the lessons we already have on the website):

  • Automated Linux installs
  • Network switch configuration
  • Out of Band (IPMI) configuration and usage
  • Installing servers in racks and configuring them
  • Setting up servers to run various services (email, web, DNS, etc)
  • Open Source software contributions

Our Milne server room includes three OpenCompute Racks donated from Facebook (includes a total of 90 compute nodes), managed network switches, and other various rack mounted server hardware.


The DevOps BootCamp content is available for free but meet-space guided lectures are offered throughout the year. Check the schedule below for our in-person lectures; each lecture covers a different part of the curriculum covering the entire course during the OSU academic school year.


If you are working ahead be aware that the schedule and slides may be subject to change. Check back regularly.


Lessons Covered Date/Time Location Description
0 - 7 Oct 27, 2018 9:30am-3:30pm OSU KEC 1001 DevOps BootCamp Fall Kickoff

Open Office Labs

Each lab has two time slots (please choose one) to help assist with students being able to attend. All labs will in Milne 224.

Description Slot 1 Slot 2
Lab #1 Oct 31, 2018 10am-12pm Nov 1, 2018 2-4pm
Lab #2 Nov 14, 2018 10am-12pm Nov 15, 2018 2-4pm
Lab #3 Nov 28, 2018 10am-12pm Nov 29, 2018 2-4pm

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